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What to Expect From a Boiler Service in Bournemouth

Spring is upon us, and the weather is warming up.

Now is the time to move from hoping your boiler works non-stop through the winter months to ensuring it’s up to the job for another year. Now is an ideal time for a boiler service, not least because the tough months for your boiler are now behind it. If you’re booking your next boiler service, what can you expect from a boiler service in Bournemouth?

Is a boiler service really necessary?

Before we get started, let’s answer this common question. Yes, boiler services are essential to home maintenance and should be carried out annually. Many people avoid this because of the expense. However, a well-serviced and well-maintained boiler will cost you considerably less in the long-run. When things go wrong with boilers, unexpectedly, they can be costly. Servicing can help to prevent this from happening.

It also pays in the short term too. Boiler services ensure your boiler is operating optimally and most efficiently. Ensuring your gas bills are as low as possible helps you to save money all year round.

It is essential to prevent nasty emergencies. All too often we are called out to broken-down boilers on the coldest winter days. Usually, these boilers haven’t been recently serviced and customers are struggling to keep warm and manage daily life without heating and hot water.

Even more concerning, a boiler which hasn’t been serviced can become incredibly dangerous, increasing the risk of life-threatening carbon monoxide poisoning. Minimise the risk by booking an annual service.

What gets checked at a boiler service?

Your Bournemouth boiler service will start with the Gas Safe engineer removing the outer casing of the boiler so they can access the boiler. It is illegal to do this unless Gas Safe registered. They then begin a systematic process of checking a range of components and elements including:

  1. Using a flue gas analyser which measures the combination of gas and air that the boiler is burning to check it is operating within safe limits. This also checks the safety of your boiler emissions.

  2. Cleaning and testing all electrical components to ensure they are working safely and optimally. All electrodes are also inspected.

  3. Making adjustments to ensure that water flow and gas pressure are correct.

  4. Cleaning all working components and checking them for signs of wear and tear, and informing you if necessary.

  5. Cleaning and checking all seals to ensure there are no leaks and that all are intact.

  6. Checking all safety devices to check they are operational and in good working order.

  7. Checking external areas of the boiler, including the condensate pipe and trap to ensure it is clean and free from blockages, as well as the pipes carrying both water and gas.

  8. Ensuring all user controls are working as they should do, allowing you to manage your boiler between services.

  9. Looking for any signs of corrosion which may indicate a leak or an imminent problem.

  10. Any manufacture specific requirements.

  11. Replace all parts and components as needed, as well as replacing or cleaning filters.

Following a complete boiler service, you can expect your boiler engineer to provide you with a copy of your service report. They will also discuss and explain any findings with you.

An Ecosafe boiler service in Bournemouth

We are proud to be your local Gas Safe boiler repair and service professionals in the Bournemouth area. Find out more about our boiler services in Bournemouth by getting in touch. You can be sure that your boiler service will be carried out by a friendly professional who themselves are local to the area.

We advise booking in for a boiler service at this time of year. It makes sense to ensure it’s checked at the end of a winter season of working hard. You can book in for a one-off annual boiler service, or take advantage of our care service plan. Call us now on 0333 939 0161.

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