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Damp & Mould Surveys

Thorough Surveys You Can Trust!

At Ecosafe Group, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment. Dampness and mould can not only affect the structural integrity of your property but also pose significant health risks to its occupants. Our certified specialists are here to provide comprehensive damp and mould survey services, utilising advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to assess and address these issues effectively. 

Our certified specialists conduct in-depth surveys to evaluate the extent and causes of dampness and mould within your property. We go beyond surface-level assessments, employing advanced tools to uncover hidden issues and potential sources of moisture. This meticulous approach ensures a thorough understanding of the problem, allowing us to tailor effective remediation and prevention strategies. 

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Providing Transparent Damp & Mould Services

Our comprehensive approach begins with a thorough assessment of your property, delving into the extent and causes of dampness and mould. This detailed understanding serves as the foundation for informed decision-making, empowering you to make strategic choices concerning remediation and prevention strategies. Ensuring transparency and accountability, our digital documentation manager allows you to track and monitor your property's damp and mould-related history seamlessly. 

At Ecosafe Group, we pride ourselves on providing an in-house integrated team across multiple disciplines. This capability ensures that beyond the assessment and recommendations, we have the expertise to fix and undertake the necessary work. Our team is equipped to address specific issues identified during the survey, ensuring effective and lasting remediation. Furthermore, we extend our services beyond remediation, offering guidance on preventive strategies to safeguard your property against potential future damp and mould issues. 

To deliver accurate and reliable results, we leverage cutting-edge diagnostic tools and techniques. These include moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and humidity sensors, among others. Our specialists use these tools to identify moisture sources, assess the severity of dampness, and pinpoint areas susceptible to mould growth. This comprehensive analysis forms the basis of our recommendations for remediation and prevention. 

Transparency and accountability are at the core of our services. Our digital documentation manager streamlines the entire process by providing you with a clear and organised record of surveys, remediation work, and ongoing maintenance. This user-friendly platform allows you to access detailed reports and documentation at any time, ensuring you stay informed about the status of your property. 

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-Councillor Jemima Laing, Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care

“These new flats are absolutely fantastic, offering a brilliant new accommodation option for care experienced young people in Plymouth as they begin their journey to independence.”

BCP Resident

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the team who just done my kitchen. I am over the moon and couldn’t have asked for a better team to do is, so for that I am very very grateful.”

Mrs Leighton, Homeowner

"I came home from work to find that my boiler had broken down and I had no heating or hot water. i called Ecosafe, who arrived shorly after my call. They managed to fix my boiler by replacing one of the parts. I cannot thank them enough."


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Our Damp and Mould Services

Don't let damp and mould compromise the well-being of your property and its occupants. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive damp and mould survey. Our certified specialists are ready to provide you with the expertise and solutions needed to ensure a healthy and comfortable living environment. Additionally, please see our full range of Damp and Mould solutions below. 

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