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One of our core areas of expertise lies in passive fire protection and compartmentation. We support with the design, precise installation, and meticulous maintenance of a wide range of passive fire protection systems, including fire doors, fire alarms, and compartmentation.

At the heart of our mission is ensuring that your property not only meets but surpasses all essential regulations. With our profound knowledge of fire safety, we are committed to providing you with the utmost peace of mind and creating a secure environment for you and your occupants.

We are certified under BM Trada's Q-Mark Scheme, enabling us to carry out all forms of Passive Fire Protection, such as Fire Stopping, Fire Door Installation, and Fire Door Maintenance, prioritising your safety and security in accordance with the latest UK standards.

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With the implementation of recent fire regulations, it's now paramount for Landlords and Housing Associations to ensure strict compliance with these legal obligations.

Our expert team are here to offer you a tailored consultation to assess your specific requirements for fire protection services.

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Connor Byrne

Our Fire Services Department is dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety and protection for your properties. With a strong emphasis on passive fire protection, we offer an array of services that encompass fire doors, fire stopping, fire dampers, smoke, and cladding replacement. Our team's expertise, certifications and experience in these areas ensure that your premises are equipped with robust fire safety measures, compliant with all necessary regulations and standards. We understand the critical importance of fire safety, and our comprehensive services reflect our commitment to creating a secure environment for you and your occupants.

What sets our team apart is their first-hand experience in real-life fire situations. Our team includes individuals who have served as Firefighters, providing them with unique insight and a passionate commitment to fire prevention. This hands-on experience adds an invaluable layer of understanding and dedication to our services.

In addition to passive fire protection, our team also specialises in electrical fire safety installations. This includes the implementation of fire alarm systems, disabled refuge and security systems, and smart evacuation systems. We prioritise safety and security, and our team is well-versed in the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that your electrical fire safety systems are effective and reliable.


Our experienced team ensures that these systems are installed and maintained to the highest standards, delivering the peace of mind you need to safeguard your property against the devastating impact of fires. With a deep commitment to fire prevention, we bring a unique blend of expertise and dedication to our fire services, ensuring that you receive the best possible protection for your property and occupants.


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Our Projects

Our Fire Services Team collaborates with our valued partners to execute and deliver a comprehensive range of passive fire protection services, always with the ultimate goal of preserving lives and safeguarding properties. Over the past three years, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to fire safety through an impressive track record of completed projects.

In this time frame, we have successfully undertaken and completed over 1,300 fire stopping projects. These projects encompass a wide range of structures, from commercial buildings to residential complexes, ensuring that fire spread is contained, and safety is prioritized in various environments.

Our team's expertise extends to the installation of over 2,000 fire doors. These doors play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of fire compartments, providing crucial time for occupants to evacuate in case of an emergency. The successful installation of these doors has significantly enhanced the overall fire safety of the spaces we've worked on.

Moreover, we've fireproofed over 600 buildings, making them resilient to the destructive potential of fires. This comprehensive approach to fire protection bolsters the structural integrity of these properties, reducing potential fire hazards and mitigating risks.

Our commitment to safeguarding communities is further exemplified by the support we've extended to over 5,480 homes. By implementing our fire protection measures, we've provided residents with greater peace of mind, knowing that their homes are equipped to handle fire emergencies effectively.

These numbers reflect our unwavering dedication to fire safety and our continuous efforts to make a meaningful impact in preserving lives and protecting properties across various projects.

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