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Nationwide Fire Door
Installation and Maintenance Services

Your first choice for Fire Door Services

Fire Doors play a pivotal role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke while safeguarding escape routes. Incorrect installation and maintenance can compromise their fire resistance capabilities, and that's where our specialised Fire Door services come into play. We quote, supply, install all manner of Fire Doors to business owners, commercial and public sector properties, as well as homeowners across the UK.

Ecosafe Group proudly participates in the BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door installation and maintenance certification. This scheme underscores our commitment to maintaining the high standards required for fire doors. As part of our certification, we offer services such as fire door maintenance and repairs, surveys, assessments, checks, supply, fitting, installation, and comprehensive fire safety and safeguarding solutions.

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It's now paramount for Landlords, Business Owners, and Councils to ensure strict compliance with the latest fire safety legislations. Failure for compliance could lead to criminal charges.

Our expert team are here to offer you a tailored consultation to assess your specific requirements in detail and to support you to understand what firestopping you need in your property.


Ensure your property is Fireproofed with Compliant Fire Doors

At Ecosafe Group, our dedication to fire safety starts with a personalised approach to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. We offer a comprehensive range of services, allowing you to choose between a full assessment of required works or adhering to a specific supply, fit, and maintenance specification. Our expertise spans various spaces, covering commercial, public, and residential communal areas, as well as flat entrance doors for houses and bungalows.

Our fire door solutions are crafted to meet the highest standards of compliance and safety. Select from a variety of fire door types, including FD30, FD60, FD90, and FD120, ensuring you have precisely the right options for your property's unique needs. Rest assured, all our doors come with full BM Trada certification and markings, providing tangible evidence of their quality and compliance.

At Ecosafe Group, safety remains our top priority when it comes to fire doors. However, we understand the significance of personalisation in creating spaces that reflect your unique style. Our comprehensive range of fire doors not only ensures safety but also offers a variety of styles and colours to match your preferences. From contemporary designs to heritage doors, we provide options that seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic of your property.


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-Councillor Jemima Laing, Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care

“These new flats are absolutely fantastic, offering a brilliant new accommodation option for care experienced young people in Plymouth as they begin their journey to independence.”

Anette Jones, Southern Housing

“We had fire brigade force entry to one of the flats in Churchill Court after flea bomb was let off, no fire, but the door was in a bad way. Kristian and John jumped in to help, have carried out a repair to enable resident to secure the door and avoid a recharge for repairs. As the new door is being fitted on 1st they’ve stepped up and really helped us and the resident.”

Mrs Leighton, Homeowner

"I came home from work to find that my boiler had broken down and I had no heating or hot water. i called Ecosafe, who arrived shorly after my call. They managed to fix my boiler by replacing one of the parts. I cannot thank them enough."


Our Full Fire Protection Services

Fire protection is at the very heart of what our team stands for, and we take pride in the fire services we provide to ensure that homes, and businesses alike are safer, enabling brighter futures.


Explore our full scope of services below or contact us here for a consultation.

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