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Evacuation Alert Systems

Your first choice for Evacuation Alert Systems

At Ecosafe, we specialise in cutting-edge technologies that prioritise the safety of occupants in tall buildings, especially those with flats located at 18 meters or more in height. Our flagship service, the Evacuation Alert System (EAS), is a crucial addition to any modern building's safety infrastructure. 


In response to the recommendations outlined in the Grenfell Tower Enquiry Phase 1 report, Ecosafe Group introduces the Evacuation Alert Control & Indicating Equipment (EACIE). This system is exclusively dedicated to the use of fire and rescue services during firefighting and rescue operations. It is now strongly recommended in England for tall buildings and is mandatory in Scotland. 



The EACIE operates independently of fire detection systems and is designed to support various evacuation strategies chosen by the fire and rescue service. Ensuring the phased evacuation of an area, floor, or building in the safest possible way, EACIE is a critical component in enhancing overall building safety. 

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With the implementation of recent fire regulations, it's now paramount for Landlords and Housing Associations to ensure strict compliance with these legal obligations.

Our expert team are here to offer you a tailored consultation to assess your specific requirements for fire protection services.


Fire Alarm System vs. Evacuation Alert System 

An Evacuation Alert System is a robust and fire-resistant solution designed exclusively for use by the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS). It comes into play when a fire in a building, designed for a stay-put strategy, reaches a point where residents are potentially at risk and need to evacuate. 


The decision to initiate evacuation is made by the incident commander. Typically, evacuation is carried out manually, but in rare situations, as witnessed in incidents like Grenfell, a more extensive evacuation may be required, especially when FRS resources are stretched. 

It's crucial to distinguish between a Fire Alarm System and an Evacuation Alert System. While fire alarm systems automatically detect smoke and heat to trigger alarms for building occupants, an Evacuation Alert System is activated exclusively by the Fire and Rescue Service when the need arises to evacuate all or part of a building, typically in stages. 

Unlike fire alarm systems, the Evacuation Alert System's alarm can be controlled by individual floors. This feature allows Fire & Rescue Services to prioritise evacuation zones closest to the fire, facilitating a systematic and efficient evacuation process. The EAS does not incorporate automatic detection, providing an additional layer of assurance during evacuation scenarios. 


Ecosafe Group's Evacuation Alert Systems ensure effective communication of evacuation signals to all building occupants, contributing to a safer and more secure living environment. Choose Ecosafe for innovative solutions that prioritise safety above all else. 


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-Councillor Jemima Laing, Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care

“These new flats are absolutely fantastic, offering a brilliant new accommodation option for care experienced young people in Plymouth as they begin their journey to independence.”

Anette Jones, Southern Housing

“We had fire brigade force entry to one of the flats in Churchill Court after flea bomb was let off, no fire, but the door was in a bad way. Kristian and John jumped in to help, have carried out a repair to enable resident to secure the door and avoid a recharge for repairs. As the new door is being fitted on 1st they’ve stepped up and really helped us and the resident.”

Mrs Leighton, Homeowner

"I came home from work to find that my boiler had broken down and I had no heating or hot water. i called Ecosafe, who arrived shorly after my call. They managed to fix my boiler by replacing one of the parts. I cannot thank them enough."


Our Full Fire Protection Services

Our Fire Services Team collaborates with our valued partners to execute and deliver a comprehensive range of active and passive fire protection services, always with the goal of preserving lives and safeguarding properties.

Explore our full services below, or book in a Fire Consultation now.

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