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Enhancing Fire Safety: Training with FIREFLY® Fire Barriers

Ecosafe Group is dedicated to leading the way in fire safety and passive fire protection solutions. Our recent collaboration with FIREFLY® FIRE BARRIERS for an in-depth training session on their innovative curtain system is a testament to this commitment. This essential training equips our team with the knowledge and skills to implement effective fire protection solutions, ensuring the highest standard of safety in our projects.

"Participating in the FIREFLY® training was an eye-opening experience. It not only enhanced our team's installation skills but also deepened our understanding of fire safety's critical role in our work. For our customers, this means they can trust in our ability to deliver projects with the utmost care for safety and compliance. It’s about providing peace of mind, knowing that their projects are in the hands of a team that values and understands the importance of certified fire protection," says Connor Byrne, highlighting the significance of the training for both the team and Ecosafe Group's clients.

The session, led by Andrew from FIREFLY®, covered both theoretical and hands-on aspects of the curtain system installation. This ensures our team is well-versed in the most effective techniques and up-to-date with the latest standards in fire compartmentation within loft spaces. Such training is crucial for the professional installation of Fire Protection materials, ensuring they deliver their vital protection as intended.

Connor Byrne, Scott Taylor, and the rest of the team have shown commendable dedication to their training and improvement, reflecting Ecosafe Group's overarching mission to provide protection, compliance, and peace of mind across all projects.

Our commitment to advancing fire safety through continuous learning and application of the latest technologies in fire protection remains unwavering. We are dedicated to safety, excellence, and the well-being of the communities we serve.

For more information about our Fire Compartmentation services and how we incorporate FIREFLY®'s cutting-edge solutions, please contact us on sales@ecosafegroup.



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