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The Transformation of Dom's Food Mission's Facilities

A picture of Connor Byrne from Ecosafe Group with a team member of Dom's Food Mission giving over a christmas hamper.

We are delighted to share a heartening story of transformation and community support with the completion of the renovation of disabled and baby change facilities at Dom's Food Mission. This effort not only showcases our dedication to social values but also highlights the tangible outcomes of our commitment to inclusivity and support within the communities we serve.

Dom's Food Mission is an impactful charity dedicated to tackling food insecurity while being environmentally conscious. They rescue in-date, nutritious food that would otherwise go to waste and distribute it to those in need within the community, equating to 1.5 tons of food saved from landfill and 4,500 meals distributed weekly. In the past two years, they've diverted 200 metric tons of food from waste, transforming them into 500,000 meals. Beyond distribution, they also educate children on cooking and nutrition, ensuring a more sustainable and health-conscious future.

A Canvas Awaiting Transformation

Before the renovation, the disabled toilet facilities at Dom's Food Mission was in need of essential modernisation. The current facilities were dark, dingy and not a comfortable place. The baby change table was old and outdated, and was in need of replacing. The team were excited to get involved with rejuvenating the space and making it fit for purpose.

The once ordinary door is now revitalised, inviting users into a space designed with their needs in mind. Inside, the facilities bloom with new life. A new baby change unit has been added, enhancing the facility's family-friendly amenities and supporting parents in the community. Freshly painted walls, new fixtures, and fittings all speak to the quality and attention to detail that Ecosafe Group is proud to deliver.

Strategically placed grab rails, a new efficient radiator, an accessible sink, and the sleek hand dryer are not just upgrades – they are affirmations of our pledge to create spaces that cater to all, regardless of ability. Every tile and coat of paint was applied with the mission of providing a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for the beneficiaries of Dom's Food Mission.

"Thank you all so much! We’re super proud and grateful to have you with us and absolutely love it! This will benefit the community and move us forward." - Dom's Food Mission

This project is more than just a renovation; it's a representation of Ecosafe Group's commitment to the communities we are a part of. It exemplifies our belief in practical support that extends beyond words into actions that resonate with our core values of sustainability, inclusivity, and excellence.

We are honoured to have played a role in this transformation and to support Dom's Food Mission in their remarkable work within the community. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to seeking out new opportunities to make a difference and to leave a positive, lasting impact wherever we go.



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