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Celebrating Tabitha Feltham - A Trailblazer in Construction for Women in Construction Week

An image of Tabitha Feltham.

A Journey of Determination and Excellence

In the spirit of Women in Construction Week, Ecosafe Group is proud to spotlight Tabitha Feltham, our Mechanical & Electrical Operations Manager, whose story is not just inspiring but a tale of empowerment for women in the construction industry.

Tabitha’s journey into the world of electrical and mechanical operations began in the most humble and passionate of ways - as a young child, watching and learning from her father working in the industry. She remembers getting her first set of screwdrivers from her grandparents, around the age of 8, not the usual stocking filler!

Having left school at 16, she took a year to work with her father on various construction projects from landscaping, roofing to plumbing. Tabitha thrived on the environment and the feeling of accomplishment in the work.

On site one day, Tabitha had the opportunity to work with an electrician for a day and that ignited a spark in Tabitha. From that moment, her path was set toward becoming not just an electrician but a pioneer for women in a predominantly male industry.

Seeking an apprenticeship wasn’t an easy task for a 16 year old girl, Tabitha applied to over 50 local and national companies for an opportunity and was frequently turned down due to being a young woman.

When an opportunity finally landed with a local council, she was thrilled to finally get on her way to starting her career...then she got hit by a car - you couldn’t make this up!!

Tabitha started her first months of her apprenticeship on a pair of crutches with a healing broken leg, determined to not let anything get in the way.

From Apprentice to Operations Manager

Tabitha’s career is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion. Starting as an Electrical Apprentice with New Forest District Council, she embraced the opportunity to learn and grow, setting the foundation for her future achievements.

Her journey from an electrician with Spectrum Property Care Ltd to becoming an Electrical Qualifying Supervisor at Sovereign Housing Association showcases her continuous strive for excellence and leadership.

Her role as a Maintenance Surveyor for Poole Housing Partnership marked a significant milestone, where she was responsible for the electrical compliance of over 5000 properties, managing electrical maintenance and upgrade projects.This role not only honed her skills in electrical wiring, maintenance, and repair but also underscored her commitment to ensuring safety and reliability in electrical operations.

In July 2022, Tabitha’s career took a leap forward as she became the Electrical Operations Manager, and recently in December 2023, she elevated to the role of Mechanical & Electrical Operations Manager at Ecosafe Group.


In between developing her career Tabitha is a proud mum to her two young boys, both whom she hopes to inspire to follow their own paths, overcome challenges and barriers to have every opportunity available to them in their futures.


Her journey is an illustration of how passion, coupled with hard work, can transcend traditional gender roles and pave the way for women in construction.


A Story of Female Success


Tabitha’s story is more than just a career progression; it is a narrative of breaking barriers and setting new standards. Her determination, expertise, and leadership in the field of electrical and mechanical operations serve as an inspiration for women aspiring to build careers in construction and technical fields.

As we celebrate Women in Construction Week, let us acknowledge the contributions of women like Tabitha, who are not only shaping the future of construction but are also paving the way for more inclusive and diverse workplaces. Tabitha’s journey reminds us that with passion and perseverance, no dream is too big, and no field is out of reach.

Ecosafe Group stands committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, where every individual, regardless of gender, can thrive and excel. We celebrate Tabitha and all the women in construction who are building a better tomorrow.


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