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What Options Do I Have When My Boiler is Oldish and Has Stopped Working?

Life can seem to rush by, and before you know it your ‘new’ boiler has actually racked up several tough winters on the trot. An average modern boiler should last you for up to 15 years. However, it’s not quite as clear-cut as this. It will depend on a variety of different factors. What we do see though is that when a boiler is ‘oldish’ at around 10 years there comes a point where people consider whether it’s really worth fixing, or should they replace? If your boiler stopped working then you’ll need to consider repair or replacement.

Options for older boilers

The answer as to whether in your particular circumstances a repair or replacement is the most sensible course of action depends on various things:

– The age of your boiler: At Ecosafe we guarantee all new boilers for 10 However, you may not be under such a guarantee, or be outside of it. Generally speaking, if your boiler is on the older end of the spectrum you should consider a new one. This is especially true if you’re facing repeated episodes where your boiler stopped working.

– The reason your boiler stopped working: There are so many different reasons why your boiler may have stopped working. Sometimes you need only do something as simple as resetting the timer. Other simple problems can quickly and affordably be repaired by a Gas Safe engineer. However, other problems may prove more costly and complicated necessitating you to weigh up the costs and benefits of repair and replacement.

– How regular your servicing has been: Boilers are working machines. As such, it’s absolutely normal for components to undergo wear and tear. Regular servicing cleans the system and replaces components that are affected before they become big problems. If your boiler has been regularly serviced it is likely to last longer.

– The advice of a Gas Safe engineer: It can be difficult to know when to trust a tradesperson. However, Ecosafe have a strong and trustworthy local reputation. Our Gas Safe engineers are happy to advise you on your different options based on what we would recommend our own family. This advice is free of charge and offered with the intent that you can make a decision you’re happy with regarding repair or replacement.

– The cost of repair: Of course you need to factor in the cost of a repair. Again, this can be hugely variable depending on the reason the boiler stopped working. At Ecosafe we offer clear repair costs without any hidden extras. Here you also need to consider if you have a boiler service plan, and what level of cover you have. If you are covered for the costs of the repairs then this may be your best option.

– The cost of replacement: Lastly, you need to consider the cost of replacing your boiler. Again, replacement costs vary according to the size and type of boiler you need. You can get a free no obligation boiler quote here to help you understand your individual Of course a replacement will cost more than a repair in the short-run but you are likely to find it’s the most economical course of action in the long run. Contemporary boilers are superior to models even a decade old. They are more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Having decided whether you should repair or replace your boiler you can then be concerned about how to pay for it. At Ecosafe we offer 0% finance on all new boilers (and remember they are guaranteed for 10 years!). This enables you to make the best long-term decision from the moment your boiler stopped working, rather than throwing money at repeated repairs as an oldish boiler limps on. Click here to find out more about Ecosafe’s 0% boilet finance option.

To discuss why your boiler stopped working and whether it’s worth getting it repaired call us on 0333 939 0161.

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