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We Are Hilti Approved! HASFC Approved Passive Fire Stoppers

We are excited to announce that the team here at Ecosafe are now Hilti Approved.. but who are Hilti and what does their approval mean for us as a business and you as a client?

Who Are Hilti?

Founded in 1941 in Liechtenstein, Hilti started as a mechanical workshop. After the war they found a technology which allowed them to set nails into concrete or masonry. This went on to become Hilti's first direct fastening tool. In 1952 Hilti launched its first construction related tool, a manual tool to drive threaded studs into steel. In 1953 Hilti launched its first power actuated tool. In 1964 they started the development of the TE range which was the name given to the electropneumatic tool and in 1967 the first “red box” tool was released, the TE17.

Since 1967, Hilti have been focused on creating the very best tools which means a company using Hilti products is a company focused on quality.

What is the relation with Hilti and Fire Stopping?

Established in 1990, Hilti’s Fire Protection Team has been focused on innovation and safety. Over the years Hilti expanded their range of tools and products designed to assist fire stopping and in 2015 opened a state-of-the-art facility focused towards testing and development.

What does having a Hilti Approval mean?

Hilti have a strict criteria to join the HAFSC - Hilti Approved FireStop Contractors, Scheme. Across the whole of Great Britain there are currently only 8 HAFSC approved companies including Ecosafe.

To get this approval Ecosafe had to:

  • Be trading for a fair number of years.

  • Been proving passive fire protection a fair period of time.

  • Be a member of an accredited scheme like CHAS, Considerate Constructors, Safe Contractor and Construction Line.

  • Quality control software that will document installation of firestop / fire doors that will follow the golden thread

  • Knowledge of Hilti firestop products

  • Hilti training schedule for all team members which will involve the importance of passive fire protection along with installation training and product awareness.

  • Geographic coverage

  • Work in partnership by introductions with their clients and ours.

  • Project updates

How does this benefit Ecosafes Clients?

  • Ecosafe can access Hiltis firestop support network across Great Britain. These team members can assist Ecosafe on site if required.

  • Engineering judgments (this will be an option if a “standard detail” does not cover an application) Hilti will take design responsibility for all their approved EJ’s

  • Continuous Hilti firestop training which will include firestop product awareness, installation quality control. We will also extend presentations on the importance of passive fire protection to their clients.

  • Access to Hilti’s fire engineering team with a priority 48hrs response time for any firestop enquiry.

Being HASFC is a massive accomplishment by our team and shows Ecosafes commitment to growth and excellence.

Want to discuss passive fire stopping? Speak to Andrew our fire operations manager on 0333 939 0161 or email

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