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Supporting Chough House's Mission

Chough House, once a council building, has been transformed into a vital resource in Truro to tackle homelessness. Offering nine single-occupancy rooms, this 'Somewhere Safe to Stay' hub is designed to provide a temporary sanctuary for local homeless people or those at risk. Residents will typically stay up to a week and a half while securing longer-term housing solutions. This initiative not only assists those in need but also revitalises a previously vacant building, contributing to the local community's welfare. A dedicated team is in place to support the residents during their stay.

We recognise the importance of security, comfort, and the sense of community that Chough House is fostering in Cornwall and our team's gesture of delivering personal items is just one facet of our wider commitment to community support and social responsibility. We understand that the path to overcoming homelessness is fraught with challenges, but with the collective efforts of organisations like Cornwall Housing and contributions from local businesses, we can provide more than just shelter – we can offer a foundation for rebuilding lives.

Ecosafe Group's contribution of personal items to Chough House showcases our deep commitment to supporting our community's most vulnerable members. Through this donation, we aim not only to provide essential goods but also to offer comfort and dignity to those facing difficult times. It's our sincere hope that the residents who find shelter at Chough House experience positive outcomes, moving from temporary stays to stable, long-term accommodation. This effort reflects our broader mission to make a tangible, compassionate impact, fostering hope and facilitating progress for individuals on their journey to a better future.



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