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How to Choose Tradespeople in Southampton

When it comes to choosing people to work in your home it can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Add in the fear-factor when it comes to services such as gas or electricity, and you can feel bewildered knowing where to start. We are a local business in Southampton, specialising in boiler service and repair in Southampton, serving the local area for years. As such, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to choose the best tradespeople in Southampton.

Read on to find out the 10 most important factors we’ve learned about choosing reliable tradespeople in our local area:

1. Timescales

Depending on the nature of the trade you require, you should be prepared to expect different timescales. A builder who can miraculously start on your project tomorrow should be avoided. However, a gas engineer who will respond to emergencies immediately is worth their weight in gold.

Therefore, think about the nature of the work, and how quickly you expect the service. For this reason, for annual check-ups and maintenance, it is worth choosing a regular care plan with your chosen business so that routine work can be booked in without leaving you waiting, but also, bringing you peace of mind if urgency strikes.

2. Know what qualifications and credentials to expect

Different trades come with different qualifications which denote the skill and expertise of the individual tradesperson. Know which qualifications are relevant to the trade you need. For example, with gas boiler engineers it is imperative that they are Gas Safe registered. No one else can legally work on your boiler, and this brings you reassurance that the work is safe.

3. Ask to see the credentials

Don’t just take their word for it, but make sure you verify their credentials for yourself. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous businesses in the Southampton area will list credentials on their website, even when they don’t apply to the specific individual turning up to complete the job.

At Ecosafe all of our engineers will be willing to show you their identity card. On the back, you will see their individual credentials showing their Gas Safe registration details.

4. Get fixed prices and understand VAT

Tradespeople can sometimes make themselves appear more attractive to customers by down-playing a quotation or by not being clear about the inclusion of VAT. When you compare tradespeople, make sure you’re clear on exactly what is included, whether that price is fixed, and whether or not VAT is included. Furthermore, make sure you have it in writing.

5. Check payment terms

Once you have received written estimates or quotations, check the payment terms. You should never be expected to pay the full amount upfront. Instead, you should always be able to retain at least some of the total amount to ensure the job is completed to the standard you expect.

6. Look into warranties and guarantees

Looking at warranties and guarantees gives you peace of mind that the business or individual cares about the long-term success of the work. For example, if you choose a new boiler in Southampton through Ecosafe, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

7. Check insurance

When a tradesperson is working in your home, sometimes, things go wrong or don’t go to plan. Check what insurance the individual tradespeople have in place to feel reassured that your property is safe.

8. Read reviews

Reviews from Southampton locals like you are an excellent way of getting the truth about the reliability and quality of the work. Ask around friends and neighbours, but also ask for a short-listed tradesperson to provide you with testimonials. You can also check various online platforms from Facebook to trade specific ones so that you can see local feedback.

9. Don’t sign up on the doorstep

If a tradesperson is going from door to door looking for work then they may not be the most reliable option. You should definitely not sign-up if someone comes to your door and points out a problem with your property. Instead, seek advice on whether the problem is genuine and if so, seek multiple quotations from reputable firms.

10. Do listen to your gut instinct

The process of getting advice, quotations and booking work can be really useful for letting you know whether this particular business is reputable and to be trusted. Do they have a business address and landline number? Do they respond to your calls in a timely way?

Book a boiler service in Southampton

We are local Gas Safe engineers who serve the Southampton area ensuring the health and efficiency of your boiler. We have a vested interest in a local job done well, and we’re proud to serve this area. Our engineers are always happy to offer you the same advice they would offer their loved ones, whilst also being prepared to show you their credentials and qualifications. There’s a reason why the majority of our customers only use Ecosafe once they’ve found us. Book your boiler service in Southampton now.

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