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How Do I Know Which Size and Type of Boiler for My House?

When considering a new boiler, don’t be afraid to seek advice from knowledgeable Gas Safe engineers.

They aren’t salespeople but are skilled and experienced professionals. They will give you the most accurate information to enable you to make the right choice.

However, we understand that a new boiler for your home is an expensive purchase and you want to feel confident that you are making the right choice. Generally, it can also be a bewildering market to understand. Therefore, this article aims to explain why you need to choose a combi boiler, installed by a gas registered engineer, and how to work out what size you need.

What type of boiler should I get for my house?

When most homeowners are looking to replace their boiler or have a new boiler installed, they will find that a combi boiler is the most ideal choice. Combi boilers are high-efficiency and combine central heating and hot water provision in one unit. They take water straight from the mains and heat it ‘on demand’. Therefore, there is no need for either a hot water cylinder (usually taking up cupboard space) or a cold water tank (usually taking up loft space).

Combi boilers are often also preferred because they are both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, as the water that is heated comes directly from the mains, you tend to get powerful hot water on demand (such as for running the bath, or for having a powerful shower).

Additionally, combi boilers are ideal for households because of their compact nature. They can usually be fitted in the most convenient location in the home with less compromise on space. There is also less pipework associated with a combi boiler.

You must always choose a Gas Safe engineer to remove an old boiler and install a new one.

What is the best combi boiler size for my home?

Combi boilers come in a variety of sizes to suit the different sizes and requirements of different settings. This means that you’ll always be able to choose the perfectly sized boiler that is right for your needs.

The size of a boiler is measured by its output. This is denoted in kW (kilowatts). The higher the kW, the more powerful the boiler is. A boiler that is an inadequate size will struggle to heat your home properly, or provide you with enough hot water. A boiler which is larger than you need will be inefficient, waste fuel and leave you with unnecessarily expensive bills.

There are a number of factors that affect which size boiler you should get. There are some general rules of thumb which you can follow:

  1. Small Combi Boiler (24-27kW): These combi boilers are typically suited to flats and small houses with no more than 10 radiators and only one bathroom.

  2. Medium Combi Boiler (28-34kW): Ideal for medium sized properties with 3-4 bedrooms and up to two bathrooms.

  3. Large Combi Boiler (35kw-42kW): Suitable for larger properties with two bathrooms and up to 20 regular sized radiators.

However, it is important to realise that the above sizes are rough ideas. There are different factors can also affect which size boiler is best for your home.

Factors affecting the size of boiler needed in a residential property

There are some additional important factors to consider when choosing the best-sized boiler for your property. We highly recommend seeking the advice of boiler experts who will be able to work out with you the most appropriate boiler for your property and budget.

In addition to the size of a property, you need to also consider how your household typically demands hot water. The greater the demand there is for hot water at any point, the greater the need for a boiler with a higher kW rating. A lower kW rating will affect the flow rate if you are demanding more hot water than it can handle.

When considering this, you should look at combi boilers that aren’t great at dealing with simultaneous showers in a property. If this is a high requirement for you then you will need to consider a different type of boiler, such as a system or regular boiler.

You also need to consider the type of your home. Whether your home is a terrace, semi-detached, or detached will also affect the size of the boiler you need. Furthermore, you’ll need to think about the number of radiators, whether you have additional bathrooms and the number of household occupants.

You can also use your current boiler as a pointer to what size you may need. However, don’t be constrained by this.

Get advice from a gas registered engineer

Given all the different variables that come in to play when choosing a boiler size, we highly recommend that you use a Gas Safe engineer for sizing advice. At Ecosafe, our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable about the household requirements in the South West and will advise you on the most appropriate boiler for your needs.

Get in touch today on 0333 939 0161.

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