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7 Home Hacks to Boost Your Home's Energy Efficiency and Save Money

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Simple energy saving tips that will save you money!

1. Swap Out Old Light Bulbs:

Lighting alone accounts for 15% of your electricity bill. Swap your old-style light bulbs for energy-efficient or LED bulbs. Each bulb change could save you between £3-£6 per year. Over time, these savings add up, and you won't have to compromise on brightness.

2. Adjust the Thermostat

Reducing your thermostat by just one degree can lead to a 10% reduction in your annual heating bills. Consider lowering it when you're away from home or at night. Be mindful not to set it too low, though, to avoid frozen pipes.

3. Seal Drafts

Poor insulation leads to significant heat loss. Check your doors and windows for drafts and seal them. Adding loft insulation is an affordable investment that pays for itself in savings within two years.

4. Schedule an Annual Boiler Service

Regular boiler servicing ensures optimal energy efficiency and can save you money in the long run. It's an affordable investment, with some plans starting at just £6 a month.

5. Repair Your Boiler

Boilers need regular maintenance to function efficiently. While newer boilers are more energy-efficient, they still require care. If you're in need of boiler repairs, consider a Boiler Care Service Plan with us to spread the cost and prevent unexpected expenses.

6. Ditch Standby Mode

Leaving electrical appliances on standby can cost you around £100 a year. TVs are some of the worst culprits. Switch them off completely when not in use to save on energy and money.

7. Become friends with the off function instead of standby

These seven easy-to-implement steps can significantly increase your home's energy efficiency while helping you reduce costs. Most of these changes are about adjusting your habits and making minor tweaks to your lifestyle, but the rewards are substantial.

As experts in boiler repair in Bournemouth and boiler repairs in Poole, we've witnessed firsthand how a simple annual boiler service can make a significant difference. By adopting these energy-saving strategies, you're not only contributing to a greener future but also keeping more pounds in your pocket.

To schedule a boiler repair or an annual service, call us today at 0333 939 0161 or contact us here

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