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Fire Safety Risk Assessment Surveys

Experienced, expert and accredited fire safety risk assessments.

From fire door inspection to fire safety certification, we carry out a comprehensive range of fire safety surveys and consultancy services.

Immediate Assistance Call: 0333 939 0161

Accredited fire safety experts

All of our fire safety engineers are Q-Mark experienced, and trained to high standards, they can carry out thorough fire safety risk assessments and other fire safety surveys, ensuring you meet all relevant regulations and requirements.

Free no obligation surveys

Our free no obligation fire door inspections and surveys ensure that you receive expert advice in a cost-effective and trustworthy way. Catering for all commercial and domestic properties, we ensure that you understand the unique requirements of your premises.

Fire door inspection

Central to our fire safety risk assessments are careful inspections of fire doors. Often requiring maintenance or repairs to meet standards, our fire safety engineers undertake a fire door inspection of each and every door. This helps you to prolong the life of your fire door without compromising safety standards.

Working with you towards fire safety

Our professional fire safety risk assessments, surveys and consultancy are designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to make fire safety decisions.

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