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Fire Stopping Services

Take steps to identify and secure all fire and smoke risks through expert fire stopping services.

Our Q-Mark certification and third party accredited experts are skilled and experienced at fitting fire stopping insulation and different solutions.

Immediate Assistance Call: 0333 939 0161

Fire stopping services

We offer free and no obligation fire stopping surveys which allow you to identify and assess risk, relying on our expert advice and guidance. We identify all areas of fire and smoke risk, finding issues and suggesting solutions.

Fire stopping solutions

As Q-Mark certified and third party accredited experts in supplying and fitting fire stopping services, we provide and install the solutions you need. From fire safety insulation to fire safety sealant, our fire safety engineers work to protect your premises.

Friendly and professional

Our friendly and professional fire safety engineers are outstanding among fire stopping companies. 

Stop fire and smoke

Our fire stopping services are comprehensive and designed to stop fire and smoke in its tracks, offering you complete fire safety.

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