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Electrical Safety

Qualified and registered electricians to complete all your landlord electrical safety requirements

From landlord electrical safety certificates to fire safety lighting and appliance checks, we’ve got you covered.

To speak to an account manager call: 0333 939 0161

Electrical safety

Landlords have numerous responsibilities regarding the electrical safety of their commercial and domestic rental properties. Rental properties must be safe at the beginning of a tenancy, but also remain so throughout. This is only possible with professional electrical inspection, maintenance, repair and safe installations, as well as assessment for your landlord electrical safety certificate.

Landlord electrical safety certificate

We provide the comprehensive range of support you need to meet your obligations, including undertaking assessments. We can help you achieve your landlord electrical safety certificate, as well as feel confident that your property and tenants are safe. All electrical installations and appliances should be checked and we provide this full service.

Electrical services

Our skilled and experienced qualified electricians carry out the complete range of electrical services as needed by all types of landlord. From rewiring to appliance connection, we ensure that your property is electrically safe and meets the required obligations you are under. Whatever you need, do get in touch.

Friendly and professional

Our electricians are used to working with minimal disruption around tenants, providing a friendly and professional service.

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