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Office Cleaner


Providing end of tenancy cleaning for landlords that shines.

We help you protect your investment and attract new tenants with efficient and deep end of tenancy cleaning services.

To speak to an account manager call: 0333 939 0161

End of tenancy cleaning

The time between tenants is vital for a deep and thorough clean of your rental property. Establishing high standards for the new tenants to meet, making the most of an empty property to clean, and ensuring fixtures and fittings last for their full life is essential. Our end of tenancy cleaning in the South West is what you need.

High standards

Our end of tenancy cleaners work to high and exacting standards, following our detailed instructions and checklists. As well as all standard elements of the comprehensive clean, they can undertake additional deep cleaning tasks such as window cleaning, pressure washing and wet carpet cleaning.

Efficiency and speed

We deploy teams of cleaners when needed to ensure that end of tenancy cleaning is completed as efficiently and speedily as possible. We know that landlords often have a short turnaround time, but cannot scrimp on standards. That’s why our teams are thorough and professional cleaners, but also fast and efficient.

Trust and reliability

Our end of tenancy cleaning services is well-known for being reliable and ensuring you meet your needs as a landlord.

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