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Fire safety certification services

Accredited fire safety certification services for your premises

From complex healthcare settings and schools, through to retail and hospitality premises, our accredited fire safety engineers bring you the certification you need.

Immediate Assistance Call: 0333 939 0161

Advice and guidance

Our certification services are provided by fully-trained and Q-Mark certified fire safety engineers. They will provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to achieve fire safety certification cost-effectively and securely.

High standards and assurance

Full BM Trada certifications and markings are provided with every fire door that we fit. We go beyond this to offer a full range of fire safety certification according to your specific needs. If your current fire safety isn’t up to requirement, we’ll give you the knowledge and help you need to achieve certification.

Free no obligation surveys and quotes

We work with you so that you understand what is needed to achieve certification, in terms of Building Regulations and different industry standards and requirements. All of our fire safety engineers are Q-Mark certified, ensuring you only get the best advice and support.

Peace of mind

Fire safety certification brings confidence that your premises are safe and secure from the risks of fire and smoke. At Ecosafe, we take that responsibility seriously.

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